Controlling Tibco Queue: queue/audit
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Controlling Tibco Queue: queue/audit


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


This is an informative technical document that explains how to manage the Tibco queue, specifically the queue/audit queue.


Privileged Identity Manager ENTM 12.8 and above


If you don't plan to use UAR, then you should run these two command to control the audit queue.  Endpoints will need to be setup on order to end audit events.
By default, Enterprise Manager is setup to send audit events from SAM to this queue. 
purge queue queue/audit                                                                                                       
setprop queue queue/audit maxbytes=2MB, overflowPolicy=discardOld
Token Meanings: 
You can set both maxmsgs and maxbytes properties on the same queue. Exceeding either limit causes the server to reject new messages until consumers reduce the 
queue size to below these limits.
Topics and queues can specify the overflowPolicy property to change the effect of exceeding the message capacity established by either maxbytes or maxmsgs.
Set the overflowPolicy using the form:
For queues, discardOld specifies that, if messages on the queue have exceeded the maxbytes or maxmsgsvalue, the oldest messages are discarded from the queue and
an error is returned to the message producer.