How do you Accept/Reject Pending/Proposed ETC in Clarity PPM?
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How do you Accept/Reject Pending/Proposed ETC in Clarity PPM?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How do you Accept/Reject Proposed ETC in Clarity PPM?




1. First add the fields: ETC and Proposed ETC to the Assignment list view:

  • Navigate to a project
  • Go to the Tasks tab and click the Options icon then Configure next to Assignments
  • Move 'Proposed ETC' and 'ETC' fields over to 'Selected Columns' and click 'Save and Return'. 

2. To accept Proposed ETC:

  • On the Assignments list view, manually copy the Proposed ETC over to the ETC field.
  • Delete  the Proposed ETC value for the assignment.
  • Save your changes.

3. To reject Proposed ETC:

  • On the assignment list you can either leave the Pending estimates in the Proposed ETC or delete the value from the field.  
  • Save your changes.

Additional Information

Note : setting the ETC to 0 on the assignment will NOT work, you must delete/set to null


- Reference Docops : Pending Estimates Review Portlet

- Reference Docops : How to Enter Pending Estimates in OWB (Open Workbench)

- Reference TEC439400 : Description of how Pending Estimates work in MSP (Microsoft Project)