Virtual Service Model ended after 3 errors


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Service Virtualization


We have noticed that the VS shuts down after 3 consecutive errors. How can we change this behavior?


All supported DevTest releases


By default, the VSE will shut down after 3 consecutive errors are seen. There's an undocumented property, which can be added to the file, to change this behavior.

The 'lisa.vse.max.hard.errors' property allows you to configure the number of consecutive errors allowed before the VSE service shuts itself down. 

To modify the default behavior, open the file on the VSE server, and add the property:


Where <number> represents the number of allowed consecutive errors. The value can be 0 or greater.

    • A value of 0 means that no errors are allowed, and the service shuts down after the first error is seen.
    • To designate an unlimited number of errors, enter any negative number (-1).

For example: lisa.vse.max.hard.errors=100

After adding this property to your file on the VSE server, you will need to restart your server.