Database rollback procedure for Harvest SCM Upgrade
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Database rollback procedure for Harvest SCM Upgrade


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


After upgrading the Harvest SCM Server if a problem develops for which there is not a quick answer, it might be decided that the upgrade should be "backed out" and Harvest SCM returned to the previous version.  In this situation, how can the changes made to the Harvest SCM database during the upgrade be "backed out" so that the database is returned to the previous schema level?




Release: Harvest SCM Server, all versions, all platforms


After all users have logged out of Harvest and the broker shut down, before the upgrade of Harvest SCM Server begins, it is highly recommended that a full backup of the database be made so that functionality can be restored if something goes wrong.  Changes to the Harvest SCM database cannot be "rolled back" once the upgrade to the database has completed successfully.  You will need to restore the previous version of the Harvest SCM database from the backup that was made just before the upgrade process began.