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How to configure logmon Watcher for a certain string


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to configure logmon Watcher for a certain string?

Here the requirement is
>path : /home/s10adm/ output_workprocesses , String to look for : combination of Wait and DIA , In case number of combination of DIA and Wait string is found to be less than 10, create an alert incident for maximum number of Dialog work processes occupied .





UIM 8.51 & Later

Robot 7.80 & Later
Logmon 3.54 & later



Follow the below step:-

1. Create a profile add monitoring file from defined location.
2. Enable check on generate alarm in general tab.
3. Add watcher rule with match expression *Wait*DIA* on watcher rules tab.
4. Enable check on count matches on QOS tab under watcher rules.
5. Set operator and threshold accordingly in alarm tab under watcher rules.
6. Set variable as below
    name:var, source:$1, expect:<>, value:/*/ in variables tab under watcher rules

Additional Information

The Logfile Monitoring (logmon) probe scans ASCII-based logfiles and automatically looks for the essential information in system and application logfiles.