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Data Repository Vertica database command line stop and start procedure


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How to control the Vertica database through command line?

How to stop the Vertica database through command line?

How to start the Vertica database through command line?

How to restart the Vertica database through command line?

Alternatives to the adminTools UI for database restart?



  • When the adminTools UI for the Vertica database is not able to be used, the database can be stopped and started using the command line interface.
  • Uses the admintools command (lower case 't' in tools; adminTools w/ capital 'T' is to launch the UI).
  • Use the dradmin or equivalent OS level database administrative user to run the commands.
  • Run the ".admintools --help_all" to view all possible -t 'tool' tools available along with their related options where applicable.
  • admintools is located in /opt/vertica/bin in default installs. Alter the /opt path as needed if a custom install home directory is in use.
  • Replace <DB_name> in all commands with the name of the database being worked on.


Stop the database

./admintools -t stop_db -d <DB_name> 


Start the database:

./admintools -t start_db -d <DB_name> 


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator