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When starting Symdump CICS R 9.1 program IN25INST abends with AEI0.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch



The client just did a new install of CA SymDump for CICS r 9.1 to replace release 9.0 At CICS startup time the CA SymDump for CICS r 9.1 PLTPI  program IN25INST abends with abend code AEI0. Also installed in this CICS region is CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5.



CTS 4.1 


The installer did not migrate the CA SymDump for CICS r 9.1 RDO table entries for CTS 4.1 to the CSD file group SYM91066. The CA SymDump for CICS r 9.0 1 RDO entries were still being used SYM90066.


Migrate the CA SymDump for CICS r 9.1 RDO file group SYM91066 to the CSD file and make sure they are installed at CICS startup time. Also we removed CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5 from the region. We removed the CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5 RDO group INT85066 from the CICS startup list and removed the HLQ.CACICS66 load library from the DFHRPL. As per the CA SymDump for CICS  r 9.1 installation guide note below you cannot mix release levels.

Note: If you also have a license for CA InterTest for CICS, you need to install CA InterTest for CICS Release 9.1 in conjunction with this installation of SymDump for CICS r 9.1. Do not mix CA InterTest for CICS and SymDump for CICS Release 9.1 target libraries with target libraries from earlier releases that are in the same CICS region or the results will be unpredictable.   

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Please reference the CA SymDump for CICS  r 9.1 Installation Guide. 




Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch