Easytrieve Reporting
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Easytrieve Reporting


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Did you know that sample reports using CA Easytrieve are distributed with the CA SYSVIEW product? CA Easytrieve Common Services is released as a part of CA Common Services. This reporting feature provides the versatility to create and produce user-defined reports from various types of input files and popular databases. 


Execute the sample reports included in CA SYSVIEW by using the JCL provided in the SYSVIEW hlq.CNM4ZSAM data set. The member EZREPORT contains the JCL to run a report. You can find additional sample JCL in the "Create Reports Using the CA Easytrieve Reporting Service" section of the CA SYSVIEW User Guide. Use these samples as a starting point for your own report writing efforts.

Also included are macros that provide commonly used functions. These macros, or subroutines, reduce or eliminate duplicate coding efforts. A list of supplied macros and descriptions can be found in the CA SYSVIEW User Guide.

With CA Easytrieve you can follow the basic structure when coding reports. For example, you can:

  • Format the output report.
  • Order the records by timestamp, data set name.
  • Define files and working storage variables.
  • Extract a subset of records from an input file.
  • Accumulate counters and calculate averages, rate, and others.

An important point to keep in mind, CA SYSVIEW customers that also have a license for the full version of CA Easytrieve can achieve even greater levels of data manipulation and reporting. If you are a CA SYSVIEW customer, but are not licensed for the full version of CA Easytrieve, a black box version of CA Easytrieve Common Services is available for download by contacting the CA Common Services team.





Release: FAQSO.00200-14.1-SYSVIEW-Performance Management