How can you find connected users if CA Endevor files are managed with CA L-Serv ?


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How can you find connected users if CA Endevor files are managed with CA L-Serv?  This information may be necessary if a recycle of L-Serv is needed.



You can issue the CA-L-Serv command to find the list of userids in session with LSERV:


You will get the messages:

LDM0141I - CA-L-Serv Sessions    ------ Server ------ 

LDM0142I    Client    System  File  SQL      Commserver 

LDM0143I    LSVHHOST  SYS001                 X
LDM0143I    USER001   SYS001    X                                            
LDM0143I    USER002   SYS001    X
LDM0143I    USER003   SYS001    X 
LDM0143I    USER002B  SYS001    X   

LDM143I messages display the internal sessions active for a CA-L-Serv region.

Column                   Meaning

Client                 Users and Jobs are considered as client from LServ side. 
                              - LSVHHOST is the CA-L-Serv active
                              - USER001, USER002 and USER003 are userid. 
                              - USER002A is a Batch.

System               System machine on which CA-L-Serv is running  

File                     File Server activity, an 'X' indicates the file server is currently in use

SQL                    SQL Server activity, an 'X' indicates the SQL server is currently in use   

Comm                Communication Server activity, an 'X' indicates the Communication server is currently in use 


Additional Information:

For further information, please see the CA Common Services for z/OS - 14.1  Documentation wiki  


Release: CA90SV00200-12-Common Services-for z/OS