What is the CA Roscoe ROSGBL? What does it do?
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What is the CA Roscoe ROSGBL? What does it do?


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What is the CA Roscoe ROSGBL? and What does it do?.


Release: 6.0
Component: ROSCOE


  • ROSGBL is a macro which gets assembled during system initialization into a load module.
  • The ROSGBL load module is the interface between CA Roscoe and your release of JES.
  • CA Roscoe validates the JES type, loads the ROSCOE JES routines, obtains CSA storage and finally moves ROSGBL into CSA.
  • During initialization processing, ROSGBL obtains information for future use by both the ATTACH JOB and DISPLAY command processors and the CONSOLE monitor.
  • ROSGBL scans the JES queues to extract the type of information requested by the user during DISPLAY command processor execution.
  • ROSGBL finds the job queue element (JQE) for the requested job and extracts selected information from it, including the disk address of the job's job control table (JCT) for ATTACH JOB command processing.
  • During CONSOLE monitor processing , ROSGBL reads the current output buffer for the requested console.