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Why is the nhReset job disabled?


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CA eHealth



Why is the nhReset job disabled?


All supported eHealth versions / Operating Systems


Unless the eHealth system in question is dedicated to running eHealth Traffic Accountant (which has has been Stabilized and set to End of Life back in 2010), the Maintenance job should be disabled.

To disable the Maintenance job:

If using the Motif Console:
Setup -> Scheduled Jobs and disable the job 

If using OneClick:
Tasks and Information -> Scheduled Job Management -> Scheduled Jobs and disable the job

If using the Command Line:
nhSchedule -disable $jobId 

     Where $jobId represents the default Job ID of the Maintenance job.

Additional Information:


The "Maintenance" job was used to clean-up Ingres temporary files and clear up any processes and reduce system resource consumption. With eHealth 5.X a new scheduled job was introduced to perform Oracle database clean-up, "DB Maintenance". With adding the "DB Maintenance" job, the "Maintenance" job because obsolete, with its only purpose serving to free some system resources. If running eHealth Traffic Accountant, significant resource consumption can occur if too many nodes are being polled and causing dialog poller delays. Because of this, the Maintenance job was left in eHealth and should be enabled and used only on systems dedicated to running Traffic Accountant.


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