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Web Viewer 12.1 Finding the Build Number


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Output Management Web Viewer


How to determine the Web Viewer version and build level.


Release: Web Viewer 12.1

Component: WBVLUW


Log into Web Viewer to display the build
  • Log into Web Viewer
  • Click on 

     in the lower right of any page after log in.
If Web Viewer is not up or you cannot log in, find the build number in a Web Viewer File

Locate the "deployed" files. 


  • For Apache Tomcat 
<catalina_base>/webapps/CAOMWebViewer12/META-INF    (for example C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\apache-tomcat-9.0.54\webapps\CAOMWebViewer12\META-INF)
  • For IBM WebSphere 

Edit the MANIFEST.MF file in the directory or on USS, browse the MANIFEST.MF in ASCII
Get values like... 
    Implementation-Version: 12.1.6 
    Implementation-Build: 219