How to use self-cert portlet 1.2?
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How to use self-cert portlet 1.2?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Self-Cert is a portlet in wasp that allows customer to use custom OIDs for snmpcollector devices.


CA UIM 8.2 and higher


It's a requirement of the portlet that for any OID you poll and wish to create, to have a Metric of Metric Family as the snnmpcollector architecture does not allow this mechanism. For each and every OID we need to poll, we have to(strictly) map it with one or many metrics. For example, let’s assume we have a CISCO-PROCESS-MIB, and we need to monitor OID - cpmCPUMemoryUsed( Use the following steps to make a vendor cert through self-cert wizard:

1. Quick Start - Select the SNMPCollector where we need to deploy vendor cert.

2. Select Device – Enter the credentials of the device which needs to be used for polling the OID.

3. Select Object ID – Add the MIB, if it’s not in the MIB repository. Load the MIB and select the OID – cpmCPUMemoryUsed. Add this OID in OID cart then.

4. Select Metric Family – As the MIB and OID we used is of CPU then we will search CPU in search tab and then we’ll select an appropriate Metric Family. By appropriate I mean – the metric family which contains the metric which will be best mapped with our OID. For this instance, I pick CPU metric Family.

5. Create Expression – As our requirement is to just poll OID directly and we need not to use any function or other manipulations. We’ll directly write the OID name in expression for the metric. In this case, I will use ApplicationCPUUtilization metric and I will write cpmCPUMemoryUsed in expression.

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6. Deploy Certification - In the last tab, just write the name of Vendor Cert. And then the cert will be created in SNMPCollector.


Additional Information:

What is the purpose of "Select Metric Family"? The documentation describes how to do it, but now why this step is necessary?

Answer: We have Ci.xml which contains the list of Metric Family and the metrics it has with a unique number assigned to each metric. This information is used while displaying the data over UIM. So, we are enforced to use these Metrics (Alias) when we have to populate data over UIM.

Creating Expressions:
While creating expressions, if you click over create expression you will find the list of OIDs you have added in cart. Click over a particular metric and then click over Create Expression.

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Then you’ll see the list of OIDs, that you have added. Use them to make an expression.

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