ESP Master system QUIESCEd when restarted after an IPL.
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ESP Master system QUIESCEd when restarted after an IPL.


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ESP Workload Automation



After IPL on Sunday, ESP Master came up QUIESCEd. I don't see the reason it did so, though we'd put several PTFs on ESP last Thursday. All tasks were re-started at the same time on Thursday and ESP was operational. 


When applying maintenance on Thursday ESP was restarted in quiesce mode. This was to ensure nothing was wrong or no errors occurred during startup. A master, two proxies, and a shadow were started with the quiesce parm. When everything looked good the RESTART command was issued to each subsystem. When a Shadow is started it goes into shadow mode. The shadow does not accept any commands while in shadow mode, including the RESTART command. The Shadow was left in a condition, that when it takes over, it would come up quiesced.

Before IPL the master was brought down and the shadow enabled, taking over as master in quiesce mode. When stopping the shadow for IPL it was stopped while in quiesce mode. When restarting the original ESP master after IPL it came up in quiesce mode. 


Once Shadow took over it initialized in quiesce mode, then it was stopped. This is expected behavior as ESP will come up in the same state as it was shut down. The Shadow is an exact duplicate of the master. There is no need to start the Shadow in quiesce mode when performing their maintenance process.


Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE