VMware Virtual Center/ESX Server mapping to dual origins


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



CA UIM discovery_server is discovered the dual origin for the VMware Virtual Center/ESX Server.


CA UIM v8.1
VMware probe 6.51

Robot 7.63


It may be because of the fail over, DR. Environment or duplicate MAC addresses appearing on the network


Please follow the below step:

1.    1. Upgrade the Robot from 7.63 to 7.80

2.    2. Upgrade the VMware probe from 6.51 to 6.60

3.    3. Override the origin on the VMware probe's robot/hub to match the   other origin.

4.    4. Using Raw Configure, add the following to the <setup> section of theVMware probe config:

    prevent_vcenter_correlation = true

5.    5. Deactivate the VMware probe

6.    6. Delete all the files from \nimsoft\niscache\ on the VMware probe  robot, just in case there is leftover data with the old origin

7.    7. Use the discovery_server callback  "remove_master_devices_by_cskeys" to delete the affected machinesfrom discovery (or possibly clear it all out) . You can find the cskey from cm_computer_system table.

8.    8. Activate the VMware probe so it will publish all its discovery data

9.   9. Configure the discovery_server probe with excluded_ip_addresses

    10. Restart discovery_server so this change takes effect.

The VMware probe will republish its topology data which will include a unique internal ID for the vcenters, so the discovery_server will not correlate with other vcenter.

Additional Information:

The Nimsoft VMware monitoring probe has the capability of handling all the common monitoring and data collection tasks on VMware VC/ESX Servers. The probe collects and stores data and information from the monitored system at customizable intervals.


Release: CNMSPP99000-8.1-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem