Idea Financial Status of Hold is Uneditable in 14.3 through 15.7
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Idea Financial Status of Hold is Uneditable in 14.3 through 15.7


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Even if the default Status for Financial Status is set to Open on the Idea object, the Idea Financial Status changes from 'Open' when creating a new Idea, to 'Hold' after saving and the field and cannot be edited.
In versions prior to 14.3, you were able to change the Financial Status to 'Open' by changing the default value on the Object to 'Open'. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Clarity PPM, go to Administration->Objects->Idea->Attributes->Financial Status
  2. Change Default to 'Open' and click Save
  3. Go to Home->Demand Management->Ideas
  4. Select the Options icon in the the upper right hand corner, then 'Configure'
  5. Move Financial Status from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns' and click Save and Return. (This is to see the value for the Financial Status attribute)
  6. Click New to create a new Idea. Enter the required fields and click Save and Return
  7. Filter for the newly created attribute and view the Financial Status value

Expected Result:  Financial Status equals Open

Actual Result: Financial Status is changed to Hold   


Release: Clarity PPM 14.3 through 15.7
Component: PPMPFM


For Clarity 14.3 through 15.7: This is working as designed:

  • A fix was implemented in 14.3 as part of CLRT-77231 - In 13.3, Ideas allow Transaction entry that intentionally forced the Financial Status of an Idea to Hold.
  • This change prevented transacations from being incorrectly generated for ideas since ideas are not designed to allow transations.
  • Additionally, the Financial Status field wass intentionally read only so the status cannot be changed from Hold to another value.


For versions 15.7.1 and higher:

  • The ability to edit the Financial Status for an idea and financially enabling the idea, is available starting in 15.7.1. 
  • See New User Experience: Manage Idea Financials for more information on managing ideas in Clarity

For Clarity 15.7 and lower versions:

  • Upgrade to the latest GA release to be able to change the financial status. 

Additional Information

See KB: 141061 - How to search for known Clarity PPM Issues using Self Service

See KB: 142454 - What impact does "On Hold" Financial Status have for ideas?