How to configure inbound Provisioning Delete User
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How to configure inbound Provisioning Delete User


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The problem is that corporate users are not being deleted when a delete user is executed from provisioning server. The etanotify logs do show the necessary requests as shown in the below example:

Sending Notification: eTNotifyOpID=a0e07f52-9ef9-4c49-8632-b519a3e6cc09

Event: Delete_Global_User (eTGlobalUserName=testuser)

SeqNo: 0000000002


"View Submitted Task" search is not showing the Delete User Task.


Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Open Provisioning Manager
  2. Search for desired user that you wish to delete
  3. Right click on user
  4. Select Delete

Expected: Corporate user account should also be deleted.

Actual: Corporate user account is not deleted and task does not show up in "View Submitted Task".


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


This is due to a safety precaution in the product that ensures that you would want to also remove corporate user accounts when deleting global users.


  1. Confirm The following configuration:
    • Home › Environments › im › Advanced Settings › Provisioning 
    • Under Inbound Mappings:
      • Delete_Global_User = ProvisioningDeleteUser 
  2. Navigate to Roles and Tasks > Admin Task > Modify Admin Task > Provisioning Delete User
    1. Change the Action field = Delete
    2. Select Tabs tab
    3. Remove Current Profile ( - Button)
    4.  Add Delete Profile (DeleteUsers)
    5. Submit Changes
  3. Open Provisioning Manager
  4. Search for desired user that you wish to delete
  5. Right click on user
  6. Select Delete
  7. Confirm User is deleted successfully via "View Submitted Task"