How can an assigned value containing a url with a dynamically created suffix in an event policy be formatted correctly?


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



I'm using Event Policy to generate a search URL link,The URL includes a constant prefix and a dynamic suffix and the link itself is being attached to one of the user attributes.

For example:"High CPU"

<----------------------------------- prefix -------------------------><- suffix ->

The event policy should attach the alert's summary as a suffix, so when clicking the link it will search the wiki for the alert summary.

From looking at the alert attribute I see that it does build the URL content as needed but the problem is that not all content is being formatted as a link.

Instead of formatting the content as link:"High CPU "

it is formatted as"High CPU "

Is there any possible fix/workaround?



You can use the encodeurl function to encode special characters in a string.

For example if you specify a value such as the one below below in Assigned Value you will get the expected result:${pattern1.Summary})




Release: SAMBDL99000-3.3-Spectrum-Service Assurance Manager-Promotional Bundle