Foreground execution of generate results in ISPF error message.
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Foreground execution of generate results in ISPF error message.


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When running a processor in foreground, either under QuickEdit or ISPF Endevor, the user received an ISPF error: ISPS118S SERVICE NOT INVOKED. A VALID ISPF ENVIRONMENT DOES NOT EXIST. This does not happen when the processor is run in batch.



IBM noted the error is issued when: ISPF will find the ISPTASK TCB and check to see if the requesting task is at the same task level as ISPTASK. If the application is not at the same level ISPF will attempt to POST the applications ECB. If there is not an ECB that ISPF knows about then message ISPS118S is issued. For ISPF to know about the ECB the SELECT CMD service is required to set up the POST/WAIT interface. Additionally the SELECT CMD must be against a command processor.

The message indicates that you are executing an ISPF restriction. This is not an Endevor error. Endevor is the top ISPF task when running foreground. Another program, REXX, or exit has created a subtask that is expecting a valid ISPF environment. The error happens when there is a request for ISP services.



Check the processor or any userexits for any programs or REXX scripts that are invoking ISP services. The workaround is to update the processor group definition to only execute this processor in batch.


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Check processor for any steps running IKJEFT01 or FMNMAIN (IBM Filemanager)



Component: ENDBAS