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SiteMinder SDK: usage of bin64, java64 and samples64 folders.


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SiteMinder SDK installs bin64, java64 and samples64 folders as well as normal bin, java and samples.


When using a 64-bit JVM, these folders of bin64, java64 and samples64 should be used.

-       <!--[endif]-->the "bin64" folder contains 64-bit binaries.

-       <!--[endif]-->the "java64" folder contains the 64-bit specific jar files.

-       <!--[endif]-->the "samples64" folder contains 64-bit specific samples. There are currently two samples (smagentapi & smjavaagentapi) in  this folder.



You may find a file “README64.txt” under <sdk_installation>/samples64 which explains their usage in detail.



Additional Information: 

For your reference, here is the content of the readme file of SDK 12.51.


This readme contains instructions for executing samples in both 32-bit & 64-bit mode. Currently the 64-bit SDK is supported on the following platforms:


Solaris 8/9/10 (SPARC/UltraSPARC)

HP-UX 11i (PARISC and Itanium)


RedHat Linux Advanced Server 3.0 and 4.0 (x86)

Windows 2003 Server (x86)



1. This SDK installation supports both 32-bit and 64-bit binares. It has the following structure :


 sdk---------------- bin



             |------ bin64       



             |------ java



             |------ java64



             |------ properties



             |------ lib (applicable for Windows only)



                |------ lib64 (applicable for Windows only)



                |------ include



             |------ samples------Various 32 bit samples



             |------ samples64----|





2. The "bin64" folder contains 64-bit binaries, while the "java64" folder contains the 64-bit specific jar files and finally, the "samples64" folder contains 64-bit specific samples. There are currently two samples (smagentapi & smjavaagentapi) in  this folder.


3. For executing 32-bit samples, use the existing documentation provided in the SDK Guide.


4. For executing 64-bit samples, the instructions are:


4.1) Rename the "bin", "java" & "samples" folders to "bin32", "java32" & "samples32" respectively.


4.2) Rename the "bin64", "java64" & "samples64" folders to "bin", "java" & "samples" respectively.


4.3) For all UNIX platforms, compile the samples as per instructions in the SDK Guide after you have completed the above steo of renaming the folders.


4.3) For Windows, compile the "smagentapi" sample as follows:


4.3.1) Open the smagentapi.dsw file. The prerequisite for opening this file is that you should have the Visual Studio 2005 installed on the machine.


4.3.2) The IDE asks to convert the project 'smagentapi.dsp' to the current Visual C++ project format. Click on"Yes".


4.3.3) In the solution explorer window, right click the solution and click "properties".This opens the project Property Pages dialog.


4.3.4) In the project Property Pages dialog, click on the Configuration Properties link and then select "Configuration Manager" button.


4.3.5) In the Configuration Manager window, select Release from the Active solution configuration drop down and then select <New...> in the Active Solution Platform drop down box. This opens the New Solution Platform window.


4.3.6) Select x64 in the new platform and copy settings from Win32. Click OK.


4.3.7) In the solution explorer window, right click the smagentapi project. This opens the smagentapi Property Pages dialog.


4.3.8) Click on "Configuration Properties" tab, click on "Linker" option and the select "Command Line".


4.3.9) In the "Additional Options" window, add the following line as shown and click OK.


        "/manifestdependency:type='win32' name='Microsoft.VC80.CRT' version='8.0.50608.0' processorArchitecture='amd64' publicKeyToken='1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b'"


4.3.10) Again open the smagentapi Property Pages dialog, click "Build Events" and select "Post-Build Event" option.


4.3.11) In the "command line" option copy the following command line as shown and click OK:

        copy .\release\smagentapi.exe .


4.3.12) Once copied, you can just right click the "smagentapi" project and select "Build". This will build the project and generate the smagentapi.exe executable in the <SDK_INSTALLATION_ROOT>/samples/smagentapi directory.


4.4) After compiling the samples, you are now ready to execute the samples. While executing Java SDK samples on a 64-bit Platform, please ensure the following:


4.4.1) To execute the 64-bit SDK samples you will require a 64-bit JVM.



4.4.2) For all UNIX platform, if you are using the script, please uncomment the -d64 flag before executing the java samples.


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