SOLVE:FTS Usability
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SOLVE:FTS Usability


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SOLVE:FTS Usability


Release: SLFTS.00200-12.1-SOLVE:FTS



The Transmission Request List and the Transmission Definition List  support extensive filtering options and actions.


You can display a Transmission Definition List that is filtered by data set name. The data set name filter can include wildcard characters:

  • An asterisk (*) denotes any number of any characters in that position.
  • A question mark (?) denotes a single occurrence of any character in that position.

For example:

SYS?.*LOAD* lists all definitions that start with SYS, have any fourth character, followed by the period (.), and then LOAD anywhere in the remaining characters.


Actions on the Transmission Request List include browse, update, copy, delete, and transmit. Thus, having searched for SYS3.USER.LOADLIB.NEW, perhaps using wildcards as above, you can use the T=Transmit action to request transmission.


Transmission Request List filters include data set name, request status and direction.

For example, you can display a Transmission Request List of failed outbound requests. 

From this list you can then use the Q=Query action to display an explanation of the request completion code.

Each list may also be filtered by definition name or destination, and both fields support wildcard characters.