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Can I modify the file structure of an Endevor source output library from a PDS to a VSAM file.


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Can I change the file structure of a Endevor Source Output Library from a PDS to a VSAM file?


The ability to modify a source output library from a PDS to a VSAM file cannot be done within Endevor.  

Here are a couple of examples explaining why this cannot be done:

* We will consolidate all the levels that have been defined in Endevor and put the current level out to the source output library.  This allows the programmers to access a file that contains only the current code and not modify any code within Endevor.

* When doing package ship of only source code the only way to ship the code is through the source output library.  Endevor will take the source as it is and create a backout record.  Package ship requires that a backout is available before the element can be transmitted to the target location.


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