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Running Policy Server ?start-all? shell script creates .java_pidNNNN file under /tmp directory


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This document explains a UNIX/Linux Policy Server ‘start-all’ shell script behavior.


When Policy Server starts up by ‘start-all’, a temporary file .java_pidNNNN (‘N’ is integer) is created under /tmp. However, when it stops by ‘stop-all’ script, the file is not removed.


# ls -la /tmp

srw-------.  1 smuser smuser  0 Apr  2 12:05 .java_pid52348



The ‘start-all’ shell script invokes two processes:

(1) smpolicysrv (Policy Server)

(2) smmon (Health Monitor)


‘smmon’ is a Java process and creates such a temporary file /tmp/.java_pidNNNN of socket type. The file can be deleted after Policy Server shutdown.


Additional Information:

On the other hand, ‘smpolsrv’ command does not create such a temporary file. If you need to start (1) smpolicysrv (Policy Server) only, you may use ‘smpolsrv’ command with option “-start”. Here is a usage information.


# pwd


# ./smpolsrv -h

Usage :

        smpolsrv -start (to start server)

        smpolsrv -stop (to stop server)


Component: SMPLC