Why are my Web Services requests returning a HTTP/1.1 500 - Internal Server Error message?


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When making a request to CA Automation Point for automation or notification Web Services, I receive a HTTP/1.1 500 - Internal Server Error response from AP. 


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There are several potential root causes for a 500 - Internal Error response given by AP Web Services.

1. The Automation Point product is not started and running.

2. The CA-AP Notification Server is Stopped.

3. The automation or notification services in CA-AP Configuration Manager are not activated.


1. If CA-AP product is not started and running, start it via remote viewer or launch the CA-AP Desktop application. This will allow your automation web service to give successful reply messages to your requests.

2. If CA-AP Notification Server is stopped, then simply open Configuration Manager -> Infrastructure -> Services, highlight the CA-AP Notification Server service and push the "Start" button. The status of this service should then change to "Running."

3. If you have not activated the automation or notification web services, then open Configuration Manager -> Infrastructure -> Web Services, and you can either choose to enable a single web service (i.e. notification or automation) or you can push the "Enable All >>" button to enable them both simultaneously. Clicking the OK button will then activate these web services.

Additional Information:

Please consult the AP Administration Guide and the Command Reference Guide for more information about CA AP Web Services.


Release: AP327020100-11.5-Automation Point-3270/5250 Interface Option