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How to Apply PTFs for CA XCOM for z/OS without processing one by one?


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There are 150 PTFs for XCOM 11.6, is there a easy way to apply the maintenance for CA XCOM?




CA Chorus Software Manager is the easiest way and best and most effective to do this.  You can use it for all your CA mainframe products.  Here is a link to the CA Chorus Software Manage Resource Center.  Once you set it up, it will only take minutes to perform tasks that could take hours with other methods.

You will find it on the page where you download XCOM or any of your other mainframe products. One of the many powerful features of CA CSM is its ability to seamlessly download both products and maintenance from CA Support Online, eliminating what has traditionally been a multi-part, manual process.   CA CSM can be combined with CA RS.

CA Recommended Service for z/OS  (CA RS)

CA RS provides preventive service in a consistent and more granular way than the product-specific service packs it has replaced. CA RS is built upon results from CA's Integrated System Test (IST) environment where PTFs are tested with other CA products and various releases of z/OS and major subsystems. In addition FIXCAT holds are now provided to automate the installation of product maintenance needed to support new z/OS releases and new hardware.

See this page for complete information about CA Recommended Service for z/OS.  With CA RS you download yearly or monthly. You will need to download every month or year in order - do not skip any. All the products are included. You do not have to edit any of the out - just leave them all. This document has sample jcl, and many scenarios.


For non-CA CSM users, we now offer a new CAUNZIP utility to simplify maintenance management. CAUNZIP is a TSO utility that extracts the contents of a Published Solutions maintenance package order from the Download Center on CA Support Online. This utility lets you process zip-format packages directly on z/OS without the need for an intermediate platform such as a Windows workstation. The utility extracts the contents of the order and produces a Network Temporary Store (NTS) formatted set of z/OS UNIX files. These files can be used for SMP/E RECEIVE processing. You can now order customized maintenance packages that contain all PTFs published after any desired date. You can process those packages directly on z/OS using CAUNZIP.

To use this utility, you must have CA Common Services Version 14.0 with PTF RO54887 INTRODUCE CAUNZIP PTF BUNDLE PROCESSING UTILITY or CA Common Services Release 14.1 with PTF RO58216 CAUNZIP JCL PROBLEM applied. CA Common Services Documentation for the CAUNZIP Utility includes detailed CA UNZIP information. Here is a CA UNZIP Quick Reference Guide with sample JCL on the CA Download Center.




Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX