How to Install CA DADS Plus for CICS r 4.0 service pack 2?
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How to Install CA DADS Plus for CICS r 4.0 service pack 2?


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The client needs to install the latest release of CA DADS Plus for CICS r 4.0 service pack two P0507 since the clients current SMP/E environment is corrupt.


The DADS Plus for CICS  R 4.0 P0507 PAX file is located on the CA web site at the DOWNLOAD CENTER – PRODUCTS. The install file is called 400507EJT15.pax.Z

Offload this file to your USS file system.

Obtain a copy of the CA Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery installation guide  (see link below)

Next Unpackage the PAX install file.

Next UNZIP the package creating the CA DADS Plus Datasets on DASD using the GIMUNZIP Utility.

After you unzip the package then you need to locate the PDS datasets called  HLQ.INSTALL.NOTES and HLQ.SAMPJCL.

The HLQ.INSTALL.NOTES dataset contains the ESD receive JCL members OS40REC and the install PROC OS40SMPE that you will use for the ESD install. The HLQ.SAMPLIB JCL library members OS40REC and OS40SMPE are setup to install from 3480 cartridge which is obsolete.

Below are members in the HLQ.INSTALL.NOTES dataset  


Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR

Name Prompt Size Created Changed ID

_________ AREADME

_________ DOCPDF

_________ MOS40REC

_________ OS40REC *Browsed

_________ OS40SMPE *Browsed

Next you go into the  HLQ.SAMPJCL install library(below) and rename members OS40REC and OS40SMPE(3480 cartridge install JCL) to a different name.

Next TSO copy members OS40REC and OS40SMPE from HLQ.INSTALL.NOTES (ESD install JCL) into the HLQ.SAMPJCL PDS.

Next you follow the basic install steps using the CA DADS Plus for CICS r 4.0 install guide. Please see the link below to obtain a copy of the install guide.

Below are the members in the HLQ.SAMPJCL dataset that you will use to do the base install. 


Command ===>

Name Prompt Size Created Changed ID

_________ COS4000

_________ DOCPDF

_________ MOS40ACC

_________ MOS40APC

_________ MOS40APP

_________ MOS40RAP

_________ MOS40REC

_________ MOS40RES

_________ OSINITE

_________ OSINITE5

_________ OS40ACC

_________ OS40ALC

_________ OS40APP

_________ OS40LIST

_________ OS40PTF

_________ OS40REC

_________ OS40SMPE 

Once the base Install has been completed the you will need to sign on to the CA Web site DOWNLOAD CENTER – PUBLISH SOLUTIONS to obtain all the outstanding maintenance. 

The first fix you apply is RO10396 . Then apply all outstanding GA fixes released after that fix. 

Additional Information:

The CA Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery guide link. 

The CA DADS Plus for CICS r 4.0 Installation guide link.



Release: OSDPLW00200-4-DADS Plus-for CICS