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Configuring send emails or email alerts in DevTest


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


This is a tech tip on configuring DevTest to send emails once a CVS Monitor is ran or send alerts when tests fail.


All supported DevTest platforms




* Send Emails when tests are scheduled to run in CVS Monitor in DevTest

To set the email notification, need to update the file. Change the mail server configuration and enter the mail host as shown in the following example. 

#If you use performance monitoring alerts, this is the "from" email address of those alerts 
#The property below is the email server we will attempt to route emails with (SMTP server)

To Address can be added when deploying the test to CVS Monitor as in the below screenshot.

You must restart DevTest Components for change in to be in effect.

* Send Email Alerts when Tests are failed in DevTest

The email alerts can be set in Staging documents for the Test events. Please look at the information provided at Staging Document Editor - Metrics Tab. Alerts can set for the defaults events shown in the Staging document as in below screenshot or more event(s) can be added and then alert can be set.

Click on Set Alert button for the specific event and it should open the Alert window as in below screenshot and it need to be filled with the appropriate email and server information.

NOTE: You need to click on the Enable Alert and Authenticate for form fields to be enabled. Also, for the Alert email, don't need to configure any properties in


Additional Information

Look at the documentation Staging Document Editor - Metrics Tab and Email Notification Settings for more information.