WEB UI - java OutOfMemoryError (JVMDUMP039I)
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WEB UI - java OutOfMemoryError (JVMDUMP039I)


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



The task running the Vantage Web UI is getting a java OutOfMemoryError condition. 

The CA Vantage WEBUI returns the following messages:

JVMDUMP039I Processing dump event "systhrow", detail "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError" at 2016/01/14 17:57:51 - please wait. 

JVMDUMP032I JVM requested System dump using 'JVM.TDUMP.VANWEBUI.D160114.T175751' in response to an event  




Release: 14.0 - Graphical Management Interface


This error means that there was too much workload going on in the WEBUI and the JVM ran out of memory in its memory heap. 


The solution is to increase the JVM memory heap for the WEBUI JVM.  Some actions which can cause excessive memory usage include having a large number of users accessing the Web Client simultaneously, and also having a large number of windows (tabs) open for objects which contain large numbers of records (such as the All Data Sets (DTOC4SYS) object), and additionally, displaying graphing information of these large objects which can result in the fetching of yet more large amounts of data.  

The solution requires editing the VANWEBUI job (usually found in the CCTUSAMP data set) and updating the following line:

IJO="-Xms128m -Xmx512m" to higher values like IJO="-Xms800m -Xmx800m" or even "-Xms1024m -Xmx8192m"

Also, reducing the number of users concurrently accessing the Web Client (and each user processing many large objects, and/or exercising graphing of these objects) can reduce the memory requirements.  

Preferably both values should be the same, but in some cases a larger range is needed. In some cases setting higher values can cause problems and Vantage cannot influence this as this has something to do with IBM JVM, and not CA Vantage. For 31-bit JVM the theoretical limit is 2G of memory, but for 32-bit Windows systems the actual limit will be somewhat lower (1.4G to 1.6G). 

Another solution is to add the following line after the last line:


This should disallow other JVM applications from using the memory of the WEBUI. 


Additional Information

Additional Information:

As always, please contact Broadcom Support for CA Vantage if you have further questions.