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How to import Knowledge Documents with an original document Status?


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After Knowledge Documents are imported from another Service Desk Management server, all documents shows "Draft" as a "Current Status" despite that most documents are stored as "Published" status. How to import them with the status of the original documents?


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


The default Export/Import template "all-docs" does not contain an attribute "STATUS_ID" as an Exported Field. You need to add the attribute "STATUS_ID" to the template or create a new template with it and export Knowledge Documents. Then import them to a new Service Desk Management server.

In order to add the attribute "STATUS_ID" to the default template, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log into Service Desk Manager using Service Desk administrator account and open [Administration] tab.
  2. Go to 'Knowledge' > 'Documents' > 'Export/Import' > 'Export/Import Templates' and click on the template "all-docs".

  3. Click on <Edit> button and open [Export Fields] tab. 
  4. Select "STATUS_ID" from the 'Available' list and click on right pointing button (->) to add it to 'Exported' list.

  5. Click on <Save> button to save the change.
  6. Click on <Export> button to export the Knowledge Documents. 
    An export package folder will be created under (Service Desk)\site\keit\export folder
  7. Copy a package folder created by the export to (Service Desk)\site\keit\import folder on anohter Service Desk Manager server where you would like to import the documents.
  8. On another Service Desk Manager server, log into Service Desk Manager using Service Desk administrator account and open [Administration] tab.
  9. Go to 'Knowledge' > 'Documents' > 'Export/Import' > 'Import'. Right click on the copied package and select [Import]


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