In the 14.2 MSP New driver Fixed Duration tasks are changing to 1 day duration


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In the 14.2 MSP New driver, Fixed Duration tasks change to one day duration when exported to Microsoft Project (MSP). Additionally, if those tasks are 100% Complete in PPM, they are exported to MSP incorrectly at 99%

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project in PPM and add one team member to the project

2. Create a fixed duration task with a duration of more then one day. For this example: Start = 10/15/14 , and Finish = 10/29/14

3. Assign the team member to the task with Loading pattern = Uniform

4. Export the project to MSP and review the task duration

Expected Result:  The duration of the task is 10 days with Start/Finish Dates of 10/15/14 - 10/29/14.  

Actual Result: The duration of the task is changed to 1 day with Start/Fijnish dates of 10/15/14 - 10/15/14. 


Applies to 14.2 base through 14.2 patch 5 new driver.


Caused by CLRT-76387


This has been fixed in PPM 14.2 patch 6 and 14.3


No identified workaround aside from changing the task type to something other then Fixed Duration. 

Additional Information:


  • Reference TEC1447705 for the status of the defect regarding Fixed Duration milestones
  • Reference TEC1292553 for the status of the defect regarding tasks with assignments at 100% complete
  • Reference TEC1366743 for when this issue can occur if the option 'Updating Task status updates resource status' is not disabled per the Green Book
  • Reference Release Notes and CA PPM Resolved Defects Index for CA PPM 14.3


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus