SPS Agent Inialization issue
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SPS Agent Inialization issue


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During the startup of the SPS server, Agents for one of the virtual host after some x agent’s initialization doesn't initialize properly if we have more than 70 or more virtual hosts, which in turn shuts down the proxy engine.

Error in server.log:

After loading so many agents, you will see the error while loading one of the agent:

[06/Aug/2015:10:19:33-055] [FATAL] - [ERROR] Agent for virtual host: agent45 did not initialized properly


SPS versions running 12.51, 12.52


While startup of tomcat, JVM memory used wouldn't have been enough to load the virtual hosts and due to that few agents initialized properly and rest of the agents were not able to initialize. Since "Catalina" calls the java command used to start Tomcat, you can set JVM options such as heap memory size in the JAVA_OPTS environment variable to have Tomcat automatically pass settings to the JVM when it starts.


1. By default i had the values in Xms512m -Xmx1024m in proxyserver.sh and after removing the MaxPermSize=256M from it, it started initializing all the virtual hosts without any issues.

2. we need to tune the JVM minimum Xms and maximum Xmx parameter value by understanding the free memory left in the OS machine and see by increasing the Xms and Xmx value will resolve the issue.

And from java 1.8, oracle decided to remove the MaxPermSize parameter and is being replaced by a new space called Metaspace.



Release: ESPSTM99000-12.51-Single Sign On-Extended Support Plus