The trapexploder.log is growing too large
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The trapexploder.log is growing too large


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CA Spectrum


The trapexploder.log in the trapx\log folder is growing very large and could fill the drive and cause the server to fail. Is there any way to purge it




By default TrapExploder does not limit the size of the log file, and there is no way to purge the size of an existing file. However, you can configure a limit to the size the file can reach before rolling over and creating a new log.


To clear out the current log and free up disk space, stop the trapexploder service and delete the current trapexploder.log. The trapexploder may be set in debug mode, which would cause the log to grow much faster than normal. Verify the debug is not enabled by checking the windows\sysWOW64\ file and make sure there is a # symbol before the ‘debug’ line (i.e. # debug).

To limit the size of the log file, locate the filter statement defining the path of the log file, and add the limit size, in Kilobytes, to the end of the line.

For example: filter * * * * * * file c:\temp\trapsIn.log 2000.

This will limit the size of the active log to the size specified and cause a new log to get started when the limit is reached. The old log will be rolled into trapexploder.log.bak before the new log is started. TrapExploder does not create multiple .bak files, so once the next log fills up, the previous .bak is deleted and a new .bak is created. The maximum size for a rolling log is around 8,000 KB (8 MB).