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How to Create or Delete a DevTest Windows Service


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How to create or delete a DevTest Windows Service.



The shared installation type is designed for environments that have the following characteristics:

Multiple users share an installation of DevTest from multiple computers. Each user has separate data.

In a shared installation, all data and temporary files are stored in user-specified directories.

Each user has their own data, but they share a common DevTest installation.

If you want to install Component Services and you are an Administrator, use the local install.

If you do want to install Component Services at a later time, below shows how to create and delete a Windows Service.



All supported DevTest Windows platforms.



This example is for DevTest 9.1.0, but this would apply to any DevTest version being installed.

From a Command Prompt, run as Administrator.

To create a Service:

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Enterprise Dashboard Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\EnterpriseDashboardService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Broker Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\BrokerService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Portal Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\PortalService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Registry Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\RegistryService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Coordinator Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\CoordinatorService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 Simulator Service" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\SimulatorService.exe

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE" binPath= C:\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.exe

Note: there is a space after the binPath=


To delete a Service:

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Enterprise Dashboard Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Broker Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Portal Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Registry Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Coordinator Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 Simulator Service"

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE"


Additional Information:

Must be Administrator to execute.


Release: LSASVR99000-8.1-LISA-Server