How to change the Vertica database password
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How to change the Vertica database password


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dradmin is the default user created during the installation of Vertica (Data Repository).

This user can run the Data Repository processes and the Administration Tools (adminTools) utility.
This user owns Data Repository catalog files, data files, and so on.

dradmin is also the OS level user created on the system. This solution is specifically for changing the Vertica database password.

For more information on dradmin at the OS level, please refer to TEC1418368 for details on the steps and impacts of changing the dradmin OS user in a Vertica DB installation. 

Some of our customers have strict password security policies that must be adhered to.

If you are required to change the actual dradmin password for the Vertica database, that would require the 'alter user' call, as well as updating the dbconnection.cfg on the Data Aggregator system.

You should shut down the Data Aggregator prior to making this change. 


How do I change the Vertica database password

Can I change the database password using admintools?


You cannot change the database password with admintools.

This must be done using vsql, while logged in as dradmin on the Data Respository system:


In the example below, we will change the database passwd 'dbpass' to the new passwd 'dbpass2' :

1. [[email protected] ~]#  su - dradmin

2. [[email protected] ~]$  /opt/vertica/bin/vsql

Welcome to vsql, the Vertica Analytic Database interactive terminal.

Type: \h or \? for help with vsql commands
 \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
 \q to quit

dradmin=> alter user dradmin IDENTIFIED BY 'dbpass2' REPLACE 'dbpass';
dradmin=> \q


>>>> where dbpass = your current password and dbpass2 is your intended new password


3. Verify the change by connecting to the database using the adminTools utility:


Select 2. Connect to Database

4. Now get the encrypted value of the new password 
cd /opt/IMDataAggregator/scripts/
./ dradmin <New Password> 

5. Now login to the Data Aggregator and modify the dbpassword in /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-2.4.3/etc/dbconnection.cfg with the returned encrypted password from above. 

dbEncryptedAdminPassword=QUVTOmwDpCHP5zlGhX7b2ce9I9M=   <<--- This one 

Save the file.

You will also need to check your Vertica backup .ini (Default:backup_restore_full_local.ini) file for the location of the passwordFile file (Default password.txt) location and change the password in that file to the new dbamin password.