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Add Timeout and Retries Keys to the snmpcollector Probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The snmpcollector probe allows for a user to configure the probe's Simple Network Managment Protocol (SNMP) timeout and retries values; however, to override the defaults they must be configured manually.  This can often help in network environments where communications are slower or the user knows specifically that timeouts are occurring.


This is applicable to all snmpcollector versions of 2.21 and above.


The snmpcollector has the following default settings for SNMP timeout and retries:
timeout - 2000 milliseconds
retries - 3

If it is noted in the snmpcollector.log file that requests are timing out, these settings can be modified. A good starting place for augmenting the settings is 10000 timeout and 5 retries.


The keys must be added to the setup section of the snmpcollector probe configuration file via raw configure.  The raw configure option is accessed via Infrastructure Manager (IM) or Admin console.  The key names are as follows:

To add the keys in IM:

  1. Highlight the snmpcollector probe
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl (or Shift) key and right click on the probe
  3. Select the Raw Configure option
  4. Navigate to the setup folder
  5. Select the New Key... button
  6. Enter the key name
  7. Enter the key value
  8. Click OK in the dialog
  9. Click OK in the Raw Configure GUI


To add the keys in Admin Console:

  1. Select the menu for the snmpcollector probe
  2. Select Raw Configure
  3. Select the setup folder
  4. Select the Add key button
  5. Enter the key name and press Add
  6. In the raw configure window select the column beside the key you created and enter the value
  7. Select Apply


Both of the above operations will cause the probe to restart.


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