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CA eHealth Live Exceptions generating error 'unable to send data to the server'


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CA eHealth



When saving changes in the Live Exception client the following error is generated:

Unable to send data to the server


eHealth 6.3.x
All supported platforms


This error indicates the client is unable to contact the Live Exceptions server. It could be caused by a client disconnect, Web problem or application down situation. 


  1. Check the eHealth server and ensure that the Live Exceptions server, Apache, and Tomcat are up and functioning. If not please start/restart them. 

    Windows: Look for nhiLiveExSvr.exe nhiHttpd.exe in task manager. There should be two occurrences of each. If nhiLiveExSvr.exe is missing, restart the eHealth6x service. If nhiHttpd.exe is missing, restart the 'eHealth httpd6x' and 'eHealth Tomcat6x' web services.

    Solaris/Linux: Run the command 'ps -ef | grep nhi' and look for nhiLiveExSvr and nhiHttpd. There should be two occurrences of each. If nhiLiveExSvr is missing restart eHealth with the commands 'nhServer stop' and 'nhServer start'. If nhiHttpd is missing, restart web services with the command 'nhHttpd start'.

  2. If  Live, Tomcat and Apache are up and functioning, please restart Live Exceptions on your client PC. 

  3. If #2 does not resolve the issue, restart Tomcat and Apache web services on the eHealth server and Live Exceptions on your client PC. 


If none of the above resolves the issue then please collect the output file generated by the command:

nhGetSupportInfo -type "liveEx,web"

and Contact CA Technical Support/create a support case at



Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements