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Agent does not start on AS400 platform.


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 -      Agent does not start on AS400 platform.


 -      AS400 servers with  any System Agent 11.3 versions


 -      When the password of the owner of the System Agent objects is expired, the agent starts and stops after a few seconds.


 -      Ask the AS400 administrator to change the password of the System Agent user Profile who owns the System Agent objects

 Additional Information:

 -      The following errors are from the defaultlog_agent.log file located in the log directory of the System Agent directory tree


02/08/2016 23:57:06.932 GMT+08:00+0800 5 main.MainThread.CybI5osPluginDriver.runApplication[:110] - CybI5osPluginDriver Build 717, Service Pack 4, Maintenance Level 0 starting 
02/08/2016 23:57:07.102 GMT+08:00+0800 1 main.MainThread.CybI5osPluginDriver.runApplication[:143] - CybI5osPluginDriver terminated: 
cybermation.library.plugins.CybPluginException: Password is expired.:CAWAGNT113 


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option