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How interfaces store data when ifOperStatus is down.


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CA eHealth



Why are some ifOperStatus down interfaces storing zeros and some ifOperStatus down interfaces not storing anything?



If an interface is ifOperStatus is down and has ever polled while it was ifOperStatus up eHealth will store zeros and report valid polls and store data.  This allows us eHealth to report an availability of 0, which  is critical information.  If eHealth dropped the polls, then it could never report an availability of zero for an interface under any situation.  The only special case is for interfaces which have never had an ifOperStatus of up to handle the common case where switches are configured with an ifAdminStatus of up even though the ports are not being used. In this case as we have never polled the interface in ifOperStatus up state, the data is dropped.


Additional Information:

Possible states of the ifOperStatus object, and it's identifier (OID): 

Object    ifOperStatus


Type      INTEGER

Permission  read-only

Status   current


  1 : up

  2 : down

  3 : testing

  4 : unknown

  5 : dormant

  6 : notPresent

  7 : lowerLayerDown


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements