Mapping Device MIB Object Identifiers (OIDs) to Spectrum model Attributes
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Mapping Device MIB Object Identifiers (OIDs) to Spectrum model Attributes


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


This article shows how to do a custom mapping between an OID in a Device MIB and a Spectrum model attribute where no such mapping exists.

When a new device is discovered, it normally has its various MIB OIDs mapped to corresponding attributes on the relevant Spectrum model. However, sometimes, a desired metric is reliant on an OID that is not mapped.


DX NetOps Spectrum all supported releases


You can see the OIDs in MIB Tools and create new attributes from them as follows;

  1. In Spectrum OneClick select the Device whose OID you wish to map to an attribute, then go to the Tools -> Utilities menu -> MIB Tools.

  2. When the MIB Tools window appears, scroll down the left hand Navigation view until you get to the manufacturer of the device then expand it. If the manufacturer is not present, then you will need to add the MIB by compiling it.

  3. Look for the MIB for your device and select it.

  4. In the Right hand side 'Contents' view, select the 'Map' tab.

  5. Find the MIB OIDs that correspond to the metrics needed.

  6. Select each of these OIDs and then click on the 'Create attribute' button (an icon in the shape of a leaf with a '+' sign).

  7. This will create new attribute IDs for all devices using this MIB. Note down these new attribute IDs (scroll to the bottom if you cannot see them after creating them) and then search for them on the device.

Additional Information

Please reference the "TechDocs : DX NetOps Spectrum 23.3 : Managing MIBs and Traps With MIB Tools" section of the documentation for more information.