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Failed to download the artifact. The requested resource is not available.


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


While using the action "Nexus - Download Nexus Artifact By GAV" (made available by the action pack "nolio-nexus-actions") I receive the following error:

Result for action:

Nexus - Download Nexus Artifact By GAV

Type: Nexus - Download Nexus Artifact By GAV


Agent: <agent machine name>


Internal Error:

Failed to download the artifact: [] to [/tmp] 

The requested resource is not available, please check if the URL is correct!


Run-Time Information

See run-time values during process run



Nexus Urlhttp://<nexus repo machine name>:8081

Repository IdTools

Group Id<groupId>

Artifact Id <artifactId>

Version Id<versionId>

Packaging <packaging Id>

Artifact Classifiernull

Target Path/tmp

User Namenull




    Release Automation:
    Action Pack: nolio-nexus-actions version 10.5.1412.1
    Action Name: Nexus - Download Nexus Artifact By GAV


    The URL provided in the input field "Nexus Url" is incorrect.


    Provide the following value for the Nexus Url input field: http://nexus repo machine name>:8081/nexus

    Additional Information

    The solution for this problem assumes that you access the Nexus repository using the url: http://<nexus repo machine name>:8081/nexus.

    If the proposed solution does not resolve this issue then you can:

    1. Copy the full url of the artifact that you want to download via this action. This is typically available by accessing the nexus repository, navigate/find and select the artifact that you want to download through this action. Then select the Artifact tab which will have a "Repository Path" that you can right click on and "Copy link address". Paste the url into notepad.
    2. Then after reproducing the error you'll need to access the agent machines logs. Open either the nolio_all.log or nolio_action_exe.log and search for the text "Downloading artifact from url". This log message will be followed by the full URL that the action is using to download the artifact. Copy this url and paste it into notepad.
    3. Compare the URL from step 1 to the URL from step2. You should be able to find what it is missing. Or, conversely, if you have provided a url that was too much (like in a case where you used the url from step 1 for the input field for "Nexus Url") then you would see that it is tacking on too much.