The hard drive on my EEM server became full. After clearing space on the drive I can no longer logon to the EEM UI and receive a "Sponsor Not Found" error.


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If the hard drive on the EEM server becomes full (100% used) the EEM .conf files can become corrupted. This will cause EEM to fail. The problem is usually discovered when trying to logon to the EEM UI and you receive a "Sponsor Not Found" error.



All currently supported versions of EEM.



EEM needs to write to the .conf files when it is stopped. When the drive has no available space EEM is unable to write to the .conf files and the files can become corrupted. The file will still exist but have no contents (0 bytes)



1. If not already done clear space on the drive. (Best to have no more than 90% usage)

2. Look in the iTechnology directory for any files ending in ‘.conf’ with a size of 0 bytes.

3. If any of the files are 0 byte they will need to be restored.

4. If you have backups available stop the iGateway process, if it is running, and replace  any of the corrupted .conf files with your backup files.

5. All of the .conf files except for the iAuthority.conf and Spin.conf files can be restored from copies of the files from other sources. Restarting igateway will reconfigure them to the new server.

6. The iAuthority.conf and Spin.conf files are specific to the server and generally cannot be replaced from alternate sources.

7. If you have no backup for the iAuthority.conf files andyou have another EEM server that is running the exact same version as your failed server you can use the iAuthority.conf file from it to restore it. Please refer to TechDoc TEC60071 for instructions on how to accomplish this.

8. The Spin.conf file is not replaceable or repairable. If you have no backup of it you will need to reinstall EEM.


Additional Information:

To prevent having to reinstall your EEM server if the .conf file corruption would occur to the Spin.conf and/or iAuthority.conf files please be sure to back up your EEM server using the instructions in the ‘EEM Implementation Guide’ in the: ‘Post-Installation Configuration Tasks’ > ‘Disaster Recovery Configuration’ section.







Release: ETRIA199000-8.2-Embedded Entitlements Manager