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Failed to access a WSDL Url over https from remote server.


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


- With same SSL settings configured on DevTest workstation environments, a workstation from local server is able to access a WSDL Url over https whereas a workstation from remote server is not able to when tried accessing the same WSDL.

- Able to load the WSDL successfully from a browser in the remote server.  It is working from local workstation which is connected to same Registry as the remote workstation.

- The workstation has shown below in DEBUG mode:

2016-02-01 09:59:05,747Z (04:59) [Thread-81] DEBUG com.itko.lisa.test.CommTrans - I/O Exception in processing HTTP transaction connect timed out
2016-02-01 09:59:05,748Z (04:59) [Thread-81] ERROR - Unable to build wsdl cache for connect timed out



All supported DevTest releases.


The errors suggest that the Workstation is running behind a proxy which is missing in the Workstation configuration.


- Contact your Network administrator and gather the proxy details that you need to use with workstation in your remote server.

- Edit the file on the machine where workstation has a problem and update the below properties with the relevant proxy details:<machine name or ip>

#lisa.http.webProxy.nonProxyHosts=|<any other machine names or IP>



Additional Information

- Since the WSDL was being loaded successfully in the browser, the LAN Settings in the browser can be checked to verify if the server is configured behind a proxy.

- The same symptoms can also occur if the user logged in do not have enough privileges to write in to the subfolders of DevTest. In that case, the workstation.log would show the errors as below:

2016-02-01 09:55:03,180Z (04:55) [main] ERROR com.itko.util.HotDeployClassLoader - Unable to build/read .cachedb file C:\PROGRA~1\CA\DevTestx.x\HOTDEP~1\.cache\.cachelock (Access is denied)

. 2016-02-01 09:57:01,506Z (04:57) [[email protected]] ERROR com.itko.lisa.test.SiteProperties - Unable to read properties file for LISA_LOCAL_PROPERTIES C:\PROGRA~1\CA\DevTestx.x\locks\ (Access is denied)

. 2016-02-01 09:58:25,417Z (04:58) [[email protected]] DEBUG com.itko.lisa.test.Project - Error in writing lisa.project file for project C:\Program Files\CA\DevTestx.x\examples C:\Program Files\CA\DevTestx.x\examples\lisa.project (Access is denied)