Firewall port usage 61616/TCP for CAVI 4.4 and up.
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Firewall port usage 61616/TCP for CAVI 4.4 and up.


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CA Visual Infrastructure



 During the upgrade from CAVI 4.2 to CAVI 4.4, the install fails because port 16161/TCP is not open.

This is a secure datacenter, and this port is not on the list of needed ports.



CAVI 4.2 on Linux

As part of the upgrade process to CAVI 4.11.02, you will need to upgrade to CAVI 4.4.




activemq is what is using this port.

This was added for the gateway manager to gateway communication. Different gateways running on different servers can talk to single gateway manager. All the traffic goes through 61616 port. Port needs to be open only on the gateway manager system.

Gateway needs to register itself to gateway manager and gateway manager gets status from each gateway. The traffic is bi directional.

User can change the port by specifying in the OpEnProperties file.



activemq is a required process in CAVI after version 4.4.

you must open this port, or edit the properties file and assign a different port.



Additional Information:


please see the CAVI documentation  - TEC1556263


Release: CAVIST99000-4.11-Visual Infrastructure-Site