Restrict users from converting an Idea to a Project
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Restrict users from converting an Idea to a Project


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How can you restrict users from having the ability to convert Ideas to Projects?


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The following combination of rights gives a user the ability to convert ideas to projects:

  • Idea - View (to the idea that is being converted)
  • Ideas - Navigate
  • Projects - Navigate
  • Project - Create or Project - Create from Template

As the list of access rights indicates, the only way to allow a user to view ideas without being able to convert them to projects would be to remove the 'Project - Create' right. Note that the user would then also lose the ability to create projects using other means.

The same is true for other types of investments as well.  When a user has 'create' access rights to an Application, Asset, Product, Other Work and/or Service, an Idea can be converted into these other types of investments.  Therefore, removing 'create' access rights for the other types of investments may also be desirable if you do not want the user to convert an Idea at all to any type of investment.