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CA Spectrum's Discovery GUI shows an error: SNMPv3 Profile Not Found


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CA Spectrum


When the opening the discovery console and selecting any of your Global Configurations the following error message appears:

"SNMPv3 profile can not be found for the security information"


    Release: SDBSFO99000-10.1-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


    The SNMPv3 profile is not configured on all landscapes in the DSS


    • Ensure the SNMP Profile model exists on every landscape within your environment
      1. You can do this by selecting the Universe model and going to the Topology view
      2. Select the "New Model by IP" icon.  
      3. Select the SNMPv3 option
      4. Select the "Profiles..." button
      5. Verify all SNMPv3 profiles are available.  If they are not, or one is missing, create it.
      6. You can also verify the profiles from the Discovery GUI (in the Configuration window, run steps 3 through 5).
    • If you are running a Fault Tolerant Environment, after verifying all SNMPv3 profiles exist on all primary SpectroSERVERS, you will need to sync all of the SpectroSERVER’s to ensure that the model exists in every landscape.  This can be done by running an online backup on all of the primary SpectroSERVERs.