How to add extra columns to the search output results view?


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CA Spectrum


The Spectrum Locator Search output view has a fixed set of model attribute columns that it displays. If you wish to add to these other attributes, then you will need to customize the XML files that create these views. This KB article describes how to do this.

The reason the Spectrum Locator Search output view has a fixed set of model attribute columns is that there are potentially many thousands of attributes that a model has. Offering these for display in a limited size Window view is impractical. However, the facility exists to customise this by adding extra attributes in the manner shown below.




In order to add extra columns, the file you would edit is table-searchresults-config.xml  located in the directory;


You would copy this to the custom area ($SPECROOT/custom/topo/config) and then make your changes to it there. 
NOTE: All changes should never be made in the system directory but rather in the custom directory since updates and patches will overwrite files in the system directories.
For example, the default file looks like;

<table id="table-searchresults-config"

To expand this with extra columns, you would leave the default idref in place while adding the columns details (example below adds community string);

<table id="table-searchresults-config"
               <name>Community String</name>

Save the changes to the file then log out and back into OneClick. Run a search and the new column of data should now appear in the Results.

Additional Information

Please reference the "OneClick Customization" section of the documentation for more information.


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