Trying to open a global dataset is giving an error. How can I fix this?
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Trying to open a global dataset is giving an error. How can I fix this?


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After recently upgrading PAM, when trying to open a global dataset from the PAM library, an error occurs saying "More than one row with the given identifier was found".  How do I get back into my dataset?


This behavior occurs on 4.2 and above generally after an upgrade


The dataset table in the database does not have a primary key constraint and therefore can cause duplicate rows for the same dataset.  


Deleting one of the duplicated rows will correct this. In the instructions below, delete both rows and then add a row back in. 

To correct this, stop the PAM service and proceed with the following:

1) Right click on the dataset in the library and select "export".  This will report an error but in that error it will give you the objectid for the dataset.  Make note of that objectid 

2) On the database, run the following: 

delete from dataset where objectid=84

NOTE: 84 represents the number that was reported in the error message from step 1.  Change this to match your error message.

2) Then run the following: 

insert into dataset values (0,84) 

Now restart PAM and you should be able to open your dataset.



Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation