Unable to get CPU data with the cdm probe
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Unable to get CPU data with the cdm probe


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The cdm probe is unable to collect CPU or Memory metrics on a Windows server.  You may see errors similar to the following in the cdm.log file at loglevel 5:

cdm: CheckCpuInfo - GetCpuInfo failed (error)
cdm: ntgetuptime: Unable to get the 'System Up Time' counter of the 'System' performance object



Any supported version of the cdm probe installed on a support Windows server.

This can be any probe that pulls Windows Performance Counters. 


The cdm probe fetches performance objects for Processor, Memory and System directly on Windows servers (Windows perfmon utility). If the probe is not able to retrieve the values of these counters, QoS metrics cannot be collected.


Reset all the performance counters by executing the following command on your Windows server in a cmd prompt window:

cd c:\windows\system32 

lodctr /R 

cd c:\windows\sysWOW64 

lodctr /R 

Reboot the Windows Server to take effect

Also via regedit, take note of:


In this key, there could be a Disable Performance Counters value that is set to 1. You may have to reset that value to 0, and then Deactivate and Activate the cdm probe.

PerfMOn Counter Disabled

Microsoft Technical note:

- Microsoft Counter Library rebuild, please follow next steps:

[How to manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values]


1. Deactivate the probe.

2. Delete the probe from robot.

3. Delete the physical folder from robot server.

4. Redeploy the probe again.

5. Test

Additional Information

Use Performance Monitor to verify that the performance counter is present and returning data

perfMon - Counter Data