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Comma Added to Target


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We are running a r12 agent on a an IIS 6 instance on Windows 2003 with multiple websites, some protected by Siteminder and other not but they are each autonomous with their own authentication scheme and policy. After adding an additional application and protecting it, all target's are adding (%2C) to the end of the url resulting in a 404 error page cannot be found. The authentication scheme .fcc file has the target as $$target$$ in the forms file, but when I get the login screen in my browser and do a view source it puts "target=<webpage>,".


Version 12.0 QMR02

IIS 6.0


This issue can occur if there are multiple ISAPI Web agent Filters added to the Websites or on each individual website of IIS (InetMGr).

Example: shows in address bar, causing a 404 Not Found

View source in browser:,

View login.fcc:


Double check the IIS configuration and make sure that the ISAPI filter is defined only once on Websites or on each individual Website. If there are multiple ISAPI filters on a single website, the target will try to use both, which will be a comma-delimited value, hence the additional comma.


Component: SMIIS