How to configure Net-Connect Probe Messages


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The net_connect probe measures network connectivity based on 'ping' (ICMP ECHO) and TCP connections to a list of user-defined services such as NetBIOS, telnet, ftp, http etc. The probe supports the SLM product-line by sending Quality of Service (QoS) messages.

How can I configure and customize Net-Connect Probe Messages?



CA UIM version 8.3.1 and later
net_connect 3.21 and later


Attached to this article is a basic configuration and customization guide for Net-Connect Probe Message. The document covers the following topics:

1.    Define the Message Text Format –e.g. From $Contact  Info : $Host:$Port is not reachable)
2.    Define the Message Severity – e.g. Warning / Critical / Normal
3.    Define the Contact Information Format to be included in the Message Text –e.g. CONTACT INFORMATION can be Server Name


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